Samsung will release a large update for Samsung Health on September 1. Especially when I read the response (or lack of) from Samsung. Perhaps as part of the preparation for the Galaxy Watch 3’s launch, Samsung has introduced the new Samsung Health Monitor App with Blood Pressure Measurement. Still lots of playing to do with it. I did this myself successfully when i got a replacement phone in the past. Because I wear my Samsung S2 watch while I sleep, It also works as a sleep monitoring device and collects my sleep activity automatically. The first thing I looked for was whether the Samsung Health app was accessible on my Windows laptop, for all the same reasons mentioned on this thread. There's a lot of scales suggested in Accessories, but after reading the reviews of most of them, they don't actually connect with Samsung Health. But I haven't set up weight management in the app yet - just basic profile info - and I can seem to see that total in S Health. My understanding is that this data is saved with your samsung account. As SamMobile found out, German Samsung Health users are currently receiving end-of-service notices, telling them that the app will lose support … Update 1 (07/20/2020 @ 12:50 PM ET): Samsung Health will be losing weight and calorie management features but not tracking. When you launch the Samsung Health app for the first time, the basal metabolism you expend until the time you launch the app will be displayed as the calories you burn. Having just got a Galaxy Watch, I don't like always viewing my exercise,nutrition, and weight data and stats on a scrunched up phone screen. I am very dissapointed to find out it is NOT. • Activate the weight management feature in the Samsung Health app on your mobile device to check your weight on the calorie balance … Services Samsung Health app can collect. Most scales seem to only work with their native apps, and don't connect directly to Samsung Health. Samsung recently renamed its S Health app as Samsung Health and added the ability to video-call doctors directly within the app. I'm looking for a new bathroom scale to use with Samsung Health. So, theoretically you can log into your samsung account when the health app prompts you to do so and your data will be present in the history after it syncs. I'm sure others will also be disappointed. I have 30 days to return my watch. The update will remove connected services, which allows you to sync your Samsung Health data with other apps. When I look at my kcals on the watch they seem 'about right' for me. Scroll to the bottom … About 2000 per day.