Coconut yogurt is another tasty dairy-free option that you can use here. Soy yogurt: a low-fat source of plant-based proteins to curb hunger and avoid overeating. 90 g Açai Berry Powder (optional) Protein powder: I usually add a plant-based protein powder when I’m making this smoothie for breakfast. Add all ingredients to a blender and pulse until smooth. Learn how your comment data is processed. Good luck with your healthier diet I hope you can find a lot of recipes you love! Healthy Frozen Berry Smoothie. You will just have to make small changes to our recipe above. Smoothie bowl recipe variations. Chia seeds are rich in omega-3 fats, essential fatty acids that help lower cholesterol and protect against heart attack and strokes. It’s seasonal at Jamba juice but I love that smoothie. Made with a blend of bright vibrant raspberries, sweet bananas, almond milk and creamy Greek yogurt. Then, in a clean food processor bowl add the raspberries, beetroots, açai berry powder, and the remaining soy yogurt and water. The coconut water is definitely lighter, cleaner, and brighter. Lots of studies found they can help with losing weight and fighting arthritis [2]. Chia seeds are another excellent add-in for this kale and raspberry smoothie. However, this keto raspberry smoothie contains fewer carb and is a better choice for people eating low carb. Half a bunch of curly kale. Other options: Energy Boosting Smoothie and Apricot Mango Smoothie. mail. The Raspberry Banana smoothie was very good @ filling. Using frozen raspberries for this recipe is an excellent way to turn this smoothie into a summer drink. Step 1 doesn't change, use kale and yogurt as described. Like we mentioned in our introduction above, this smoothie comes naturally packed with nutrients. They come together in a number of minutes and they taste so vibrant and refreshing. Save this recipe for Kale and Frozen Berry Smoothie to Pinterest!. This kale smoothie recipe is a new favorite and is the perfect detox smoothie. 1 handful kale, stems removed. Here are some optional ingredients that taste great in this smoothie: Seeds: Chia, hemp, or flax seeds. Blend everything together and your feel good smoothie is ready as breakfast, snack time, etc. They provide a good dose of healthy fats, antioxidants and fibres. It makes a great breakfast option, snack, or … Let's take a look at a few options below. I’ve been searching for a highly rated, flavor-ful smoothie with kale since I’ve been diagnosed with macular degeneration. You could also use protein powder, but we like to use less refined ingredients whenever possible. 1/2 ripe avocado; 1 large ripe banana, frozen; 1 … Our kale and raspberry smoothie is suitable for people who have diabetes and those on a low-sugar diet. If you want to learn more about making healthy smoothies, check out our article on how to make a balanced smoothie. honey 1 Tbsp. 1 tsp Spirulina (optional) I made it for breakfast and only had a salad for lunch. Prepared with low-carb and low-fat ingredients, it provides plenty of nutrients in just 230 calories per glass. If you don't want to use greek yogurt due to dairy allergies, why not use plant-based ones instead? We use cookies to run and improve this website. Let's take a look at a few options. Ingredients: 1/2 ripe avocado; 1 lg ripe banana, frozen; 1 cup fresh raspberries; 1 handful kale, stems removed; 1 cup plain almond milk; 1 tbsp. If your food processor is not very powerful we suggest you trim the stems from the kale to avoid annoying bits in your smoothie. 160 g Beetroot Smoothies, like this frozen mixed berry smoothie, are a staple in our home for breakfast. They have the same awesome health benefits but with a milder taste. Very few foods are as awe-inspiring as kale, but that doesn't make raspberries any less special. Throw all the ingredients in the Vitamix (or a high speed blender) and you're done! We talk more about these divine ingredients in our spirulina latte and acai berry bowl recipes. If you don't already have frozen berries, start by placing the raspberries in the freezer. Pulse until you have a creamy smoothie, and add a splash of water if you prefer a runnier consistency. Cow milk. If the smoothie is too thick, add extra … The ingredients we selected for this veggie and fruit shake are among the most nutritious on the planet [1]. For this recipe, we chose kale and raspberries for two reasons: they fuel our bodies with powerful nutrients, and their joyful colours make for such a pretty layered smoothie! Leafy greens: Adding a handful of spinach or kale is a great way to sneak in some greens early on in the day. If all this wasn't enough, we boosted our smoothie with the superfood spirulina and acai berry powder. Based on this recipe's properties, you may find the following Smart-Search queries interesting. Avocado, Kale & Raspberry Smoothie Bowl . * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet. Yields 2 servings. Ingredients. How to make raspberry smoothie thicker. The pineapple and apple juice add sweet acidity. Add all ingredients to a blender and blend until smooth. For a layered look, pour first the kale smoothie filling the glass halfway through and then fill to the top with the pink raspberry smoothie. 60 g Fresh Ginger Root The average cup of almond milk has almost 1/10th the fats of coconut milk. 11 Breakfast Smoothie Bowls That Will Make You Feel Amazing. If you want to lose weight, then fibres are your best friend. 2. Instead of kale you can use fresh spinach. There are multiple add-ins to choose from. Kale is truly the king of vegetables (or queen?). twitter. This healthy, flavourful smoothie takes advantage of two wonderful seasonal ingredients in the Pacific Northwest- kale, and strawberries. Victor S Beauty Friendly, Green Blast, Immunity Booster, Ingredients, Kale, Low Calories, Peach, Raspberries, Recipes, Water Raspberries and Peaches have a high concentration of ellagic acid, a compound that prevents cancer. First of all, we suggested above you use spirulina and açai berry powder and blend them with kale and raspberry, respectively. Ice and Silk Almondmilk are added to the kale strawberry smoothie for that perfect consistency. Allergies to coconut are much rarer than soy's, making this a fantastic option for an allergen-free shake. Or if you … The ultimate kale and avocado smoothie bowl tastes berry delicious! Starting your day doesn’t get much better than rolling out of bed and making a fruit smoothie. 1 handful kale, stems removed. Serve immediately. Smoothie add-ins. Flaxseeds: a source of fibres and omega-3 to keep healthy fats and stay satiated for longer. We love mixing fruit and veggies in drinks. We used yogurt in our recipe, but there are many types of milk you can use as a replacement. 2 cups of orange juice. 1 cup of raspberries; 1/2 c of kale (I prefer the frozen kale at Trader Joes) 1 or 2 tablespoons of almond butter; 3 small glasses of water; Optional: 1 tablespoon chia seeds and/or flax; 1. Ingredients. Stir if needed. That's all there's to it. One last tip. flaxseeds; 2 tbsp natural peanut butter; drizzle with raw honey; Suggested Toppings: granola, shredded unsweetened coconut, fresh berries; Directions: Add all ingredients to a blender and blend until creamy and smooth … Add a sweetener like maple syrup or calorie-free erythritol if you find the smoothie too bitter. We used yogurt to make the red layer of the smoothie dense enough to hold the green kale part. Ingredients Kale This is truly the time of year to eat local strawberries. Subscribe to our newsletter to get our free ebook filled with healthy recipes! Finally, If you are looking for a less fatty alternative to coconut milk, give almond milk a try. pinterest. Thanks for this recipe. They also have many of the minerals and vitamins of kale, with the addition of vitamin E and iron. They are also dairy-free and so is Raspberry Almond Smoothie. INGREDIENTS. A smoothie you'll want to make again and again! Soy is the most common replacement on a vegan diet to dairy. 1 cup plain almond milk. It's delicate yet nutty flavour will be a perfect match with the other ingredients. Add banana and kale to your blender. I … Enjoy it at home or on-the-go for an easy recipe that bursts with antioxidants and vitamins. 1 tsp facebook. Smoothies are one of my favorite breakfasts. 1 cup plain almond milk. These red berries are packed with nutrients but have very few calories. You can certainly make this smoothie without yogurt. 0.5 tsp Ground Flax Seeds Let's get it in your belly right now! Add all ingredients into your blender. And then, of course, there are the vitamins. It's rich in minerals like magnesium and potassium, which are critical for healthy nerves and muscles. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Avocado, Kale & Raspberry Smoothie Bowl. We used it because we needed a denser blend of raspberries and kale to create a layered shake. This health-boosting smoothie is prepared with raspberries, kale, and beetroot, plus superfoods spirulina and açai berry powder. Add almond milk. If you prefer a looser style smoothie, add more coconut milk to your desired smoothie. Ingredients 1 cup Kemps Probiotic Milk 1 cup frozen raspberries ½ cup lemon yogurt 2 Tbsp. 1 C. packed Kale 1 C. Strawberries 1/2 C. Blueberries 1/2 C. Raspberries 1 C. Nonfat Greek Yogurt 1/2 C. Cranberry Juice 1 C. Ice not necessary if Frozen fruit is used 9 ingredients. But there are other sugar-free sweeteners you can use, like erythritol. Avocado, Kale, and Raspberry Smoothie Bowl. Other healthy additives you can add to this recipe include things like chia or flax seeds, protein powder, greens (spinach/kale), or nut butters. Ingredients. The doc explained how greens, and salmon etc etc play into keeping the eye healthy. Breakfast Smoothies Breakfast Bowls Healthy Smoothies Healthy Drinks Healthy Snacks Breakfast Recipes Healthy Recipes Diet Drinks Vegetable Smoothies. 300 g Water 2 tbsp Soy Yogurt Hey Jaclyn, when I saw this smoothie page I knew I had everything at home and it was all easy to make. Now that the berries are frozen, we won't need it. Read our disclosure policy. Drizzle with raw honey. For step 2, take the frozen berries and add them to the blender with the other ingredients, except for yogurt. Making frozen raspberry and kale smoothie is very simple. :). Based on our recipe above, you can swap 150 grams of yogurt with a full banana per each serving. A single cup of kale also has almost 10% of your recommended daily calcium intake. They keep evolving, my smoothies. It's low in carbs and packed with proteins and fibres to help you stay on track. Apple Carrot Kale Smoothie (that's quite delicoius) | Life is NOYOKE If you are not allergic to it, we suggest you use almond milk in our kale and raspberry smoothie, as a replacement to yogurt. Greens: Add a handful of leafy greens – … Each serving has 50% of your recommended daily intake for fibres and 30% for proteins. 3 65 Super Easy Finger Foods to Make for Any Party From chips and dip to one-bite apps, finger foods are the perfect way to kick off a party. Green Smoothie: Kale & Raspberry Goodness. You can also replace the raspberries with any other berry you have on hand or you can replace the almond milk with soy, coconut or cow’s milk.Here’s just a basic recipe to get you started. Vegans: This mango kale smoothie contains honey and Greek yogurt but if you are looking for vegan super green smoothie, I have one for you: Spinach Cucumber Smoothie. 100 mL Raspberries 3 cups of fresh raspberries. To make this smoothie a bit sweeter feel free to add a frozen banana or some sweetener such as maple syrup. lemon juice 1 tsp. Toss all ingredients in the … In every smoothie, there are only 8.1 grams of net carbs. Banana Berry Smoothies {Jamba Juice Copycat}. Once I saw this I started getting into making healthy smoothies for breakfast and sometimes lunch. Then there's soy milk. The good news is that many of these properties are present in soy milk as well. Recipe by Theona Layne---Freelance Health & Wellness Writer. 1 cup fresh raspberries. This smoothie is sweet, tart, and incredibly refreshing–especially after a sweaty warm weather run. This leafy green also packs a generous amount of fibres, that keep our guts healthy and make us feel satiated for longer. Blitz the ingredient into a creamy smoothie. All the ingredients we used are low-carb and low-sugar, and we have not added any extra sweeteners to the ingredients. Both fruits are great for skin health and loaded with antioxidants that helps improve immune system. But if you are allergic to nut trees, you are likely to be allergic to almond milk as well, so be careful. 1 large ripe banana, frozen. Moreover, blended frozen berries are denser and will form a solid base to make a layered smoothie with kale. Stir if needed. Category: Get Beautiful, Healthy Living, Raw Food Recipes, Raw Vegan Smoothies. One great thing about smoothies is how versatile they are, there are countless combinations to them. They are quick and easy to make so now I take them on the go with me to work and every else. The ultimate kale and avocado smoothie bowl tastes berry delicious! There is no way most kids (well not my 5-year-old anyway) would drink a smoothie with kale or spinach in it, but with this smoothie the sweetness of the berries and banana mask the earthy taste of the greens, also health wise, it is fabulous, with the antioxidant rich blueberries, iron rich spinach and kale to names only a few of the nutritional goodies that are packed into this smoothie, it really is a super … But enough school, we hope we convinced you there's no healthier smoothie out there than this. Step 1 In a blender, combine raspberries, shredded kale, ice, yogurt, banana, honey, almond butter, and wheat germ. Prep Time: 5 minutes. Usually I make smoothies with almond milk or yogurt, which gives them a rich, creamy taste. Coconut milk is an obvious choice for many smoothie lovers. Use more or less water to get a runnier or denser result, as preferred. Keep reading to learn more about what makes this smoothie so incredibly healthy, or scroll below to the recipe and get this done! Finally, you can top your drink with some fresh raspberries and, if not vegan, with health-boosting bee pollen. 1 cup shredded kale with the stems removed as they are not broken down by a regular blender This colourful kale and raspberry smoothie is all you need. Enjoy! On top of it, almonds are rich in healthy fats, vitamin E and other helpful minerals. It’s rich with all natural ingredients, Vitamin C and has amazing flavor. How to Blend a Kale-Raspberry-Banana Smoothie [GF] [DF] Add your raspberries, or you can use strawberries or blueberries and even blackberries! If you don't care about the pretty layers, then go ahead and replace the yogurt with water. Less than 100 grams of kale will cover all your daily needs for vitamin A, vitamin K, and vitamin C. Moreover, it's rich in powerful antioxidants and other substances that keep our blood pressure and immune system happy and reduce bad cholesterol. (5.3 oz) container strawberry or raspberry Greek yogurt, 1 orange , peeled (I just use a knife to cut the peel off), 1 apple , cored (gala, green whatever you prefer).