During my last physical in July my cholesterol was too high and I was told I am now diabetic. And just because you are on a low carb diet doesn’t mean that you still can’t enjoy a short stack! To enhance the flavor, I would try out the vanilla-flavored stevia or english toffee-flavored stevia. Oh wow, I’m so happy to hear that!! Ever since the L.A. Green Festival and the preceding events where I’ve met the Lakanto community, the monk fruit maple syrup has won over my heart! I just want dessert. Now that answer all your questions about keto and syrup, you probably want to know how to make your own keto syrup recipe in your kitchen. I just stumbled across your blog while searching for a stevia maple syrup recipe. This low glycemic index Syrup is also suitable for diabetic diets. My personal favorite is Lakanto Golden Monkfruit, it’s a raw cane sugar replacement perfect for keto, diabetics, and those on Paleo. Does it contain any additives of unhealthy ingredients? I haven’t made this as syrup yet, it sounds and looks delicous. yes, but glucomannan has to be heated. Also I would like to thank you for creating your site promoting healthy living. Went in last week ( 3 months later) for new blood work and the results were that my cholesterol is now back within the acceptable range, I am in pre diabetic status and BP medication was cut in half. I wish you the best with your health and happiness! I usually just stick with the vanilla stevia and english toffee stevia because I tried the hazelnut before and wasn’t a fan. SweetLeaf ® Stevia Sweetener is redefining syrup. 2. Hope you like the recipes!! Amazon's Choice for monk fruit maple syrup. My name is Jessica and there’s a good chance I’m eating cake as we speak (healthy cake, of course)! hahaha All I have right now is stevia in a bag. ^ ^ Only 1 left in stock - order soon. Perfect for topping pancakes, waffles, oatmeal, yogurt, and more… the possibilities are endless! Now that I’m much older, I’ve come to realize how much better real maple syrup is. I really want to try it now! You still want it to be liquidy enough to pour. Sugar producer, In The Raw, suggests using their monk fruit sugar in beverages, added to smoothies, or even to sweeten your yogurt or to top your cereal. If you want a low-glycemic maple syrup, I would recommend using the stevia extract. Next weekend I want to do brunch with pancakes and I’m going to try out your vanilla syrup recipe because I’ve been having dreams about it since I first stumbled across your blog. I am not a fan of Stevia and have been using Luo Han Guo (Monk fruit extract) as my sweetener of choice for tea but have not tried it in any recipes yet. It dissolves better and prevents any clumping. Your information will *never* be shared or sold to a 3rd party. Skip The Maple Syrup. Put a little giddy-up in your morning with this yummy maple syrup! Ready in less than 10 minutes, this sugar-free maple syrup doesn’t have all the carbs or calories like regular syrup, but it is the perfect complement to your low carb breakfast or dessert recipes. Hope you like the syrup! https://www.thespruceeats.com/basic-recipe-for-fresh-fruit-syrup-4108534 I had no idea they had MAPLE FLAVORED STEVIA… I’m sure that would work just perfectly in here! I think this will be perfect! Mine seems rather thin, still. I haven’t tried this recipe using erythritol instead of stevia so I can’t be sure. I have been trying to research how close the two products are sweetness wise in case I can just sub Luo Han for the liquid Stevia in the same amount. Also, did you use natural maple flavor or artificial? Awesome blog & post! I’ve never used sucralose drops before so I’m not sure how that would taste in this recipe, but I do know that the Stevia in the Raw and liquid stevia extract taste good *drools* I recommend adding it one tablespoon at a time. I tried googling it but didn’t have much luck in finding the answer. Hit enter to search or ESC to close. –Raspberry This syrup doesn’t separate or anything. Besides being basically zero carbs it basically has no calories either. If you used McCormick’s artificial maple, it contains alcohol and sulfiting agents, which may have caused the bitter taste. Most of us probably couldnt pick out a monk fruit in the produce aisle, and truth be told, its not likely to catch your attention amidst luscious lemons, colorful apples, and vibrant oranges. – newly sugar free. Store it in your container of choice, then keep in the fridge for up to 2 weeks. CONS. I didn’t detect any bitter taste from the stevia! This recipe is great . Can I add more of the xantham gum to thicken it some? … -Jess. I don’t recommend using an immersion blender to get lumps out because it can change the consistency. And SALTED CARAMEL?? Christie- If you’re in the mood for some other Keto-friendly recipes, check out our: All of them are Keto-friendly and low carb, and will have your friends raving! That’s genius! 1/4 cup water or almond milk. When you open the bottle, does it smell very strongly of maple? You don’t need to re-puree it, just give it a whisk or shake (I stored mine in mason jars so I could shake them whenever I wanted). On average, Maple Flavoured Syrup contains 84 calories per 30ml serve, meaning that Lakanto’s Monkfruit Maple Flavoured Syrup has 60 fewer calories per serve. Amazing. So, do have another recipe for powdered/granulated stevia? PDF download available on Etsy. 1 tablespoon mesquite powder. Wondering if you could use erythritol instead of stevia? This makes it suitable for diabetics and healthy eaters alike to enjoy the sweetness of syrup without spiking their glycemic index. In the amount of time it takes to thaw, you could have already made a fresh batch of this keto-friendly syrup. Method Scoop avocado into a food processor. Look for pure monk fruit sweetener that contains no additives. Hope you like the maple syrup! I would also be using the pure powdered Nunaturals stevia, would it still be that much? i use splenda all the time, (usually in powdered form though), and i’m not at all familiar with the flavor of stevia. This I serve with spicy string beans in butter and a slice of low-carb soul bread from a recipe a friend found and posted to the book of the face. What tools do you need to make this delicious sugar-free pancake syrup? I added about 3 Tablespoons. This syrup doesn’t need any cooking, but if you want to serve it warm, you can microwave it at 15 second intervals, stirring between each one, until it’s warm and smooth. Yummy, warm syrup and PANCAKES! And, all that sugar before bedtime doesn’t sit well with me. If you want it to last longer than 2 months. Make sure to use a good brand though, and make sure that it’s alcohol-free. Congrats on your incredible weight loss and 3-month turnaround! You can add 1 tsp of Glucomannan Powder instead of the Xanthan Gum. I am totally going to try that! Great idea! Gina- I also made a salted caramel version! Next weekend I want to do brunch with pancakes and I’m going to try out your vanilla syrup recipe because I’ve been having dreams about it since I first stumbled across your blog. I wasn’t sure how it would work in recipes, but I’m glad it worked in your granola One bottle of Birch Benders magic Syrup in classic maple Naturally flavored Monk Fruit Syrup is keto-friendly and Paleo-Friendly Zero Sugar, zero calorie, and only 1 Carb per serving The perfect low-carb Syrup to top off your favorite breakfast foods. -Jess. It will be a light color at first but after refrigerating it looks more like maple syrup, like in the photos . Good idea with the Truvia, I think I’ll try that next time Basket. I was thinking it would be a pain to always have to pour it out into a bender to re-puree every time if i don’t use it for a while. It just has to be refrigerated in a sealed container or squirt bottle with a cap. Hello, what a great website! While easing a cough is always appreciated, monk fruit may have even more potent health benefits for your throat. It dissolves better and prevents any clumping. I do always tend to buy both powdered and granular sweeteners, but this method works when you run out of powdered and need it in a pinch. Xanthan gum is a natural thickener, it isn’t artificial never used that before either! It’s the perfect substitute for those who are also avoiding excess sugar, such as diabetics or those entering fitness competitions. Subscribe to the newsletter and get decadent, yet healthy, treats sent straight to your inbox... FREE! Finally, boil for 5 mins. I am a THMer who likes to use glucommanan to make syrups and gravies. One bottle of Birch Benders magic Syrup in classic maple Naturally flavored Monk Fruit Syrup is keto-friendly and Paleo-Friendly Zero Sugar, zero calorie, and only 1 Carb per serving The perfect low-carb Syrup to top off your favorite breakfast foods. -Jess. Hope this helps Antoinette! Thank you so much for making the recipe! The most common way to serve this keto maple syrup is over a stack of pancakes! Think maple syrup is the only option you can drizzle over pancakes? Shop. The second time was a charm! Its so confusing! It tastes just like real maple syrup and takes less than 10 minutes to make. Step 5: Let cool then transfer to your jar of choice. Maple syrup is a very popular natural sweetener that is claimed to be more nutritious and healthier than sugar. Add your granular sweetener to the blender. Monk Fruit Sweetness. So in this sugar-free pancake syrup, we used 2 cups of liquid and ½ tsp of xanthan gum. Follow these few simple steps to make the best sugar-free maple syrup. I want that on my pancakes ASAP! All you need is one saucepot and three simple ingredients: ground cinnamon, cinnamon sticks, and maple syrup! How to Make Keto Sugar-Free Maple Syrup from Scratch Follow these few simple steps to make the best sugar-free maple syrup. “Unlike maple syrup, which contains different minerals such as zinc, manganese, calcium, and potassium.” How to Cook With Monk Fruit Remember: monk fruit is 100 to 200 times sweeter than sugar, so a little goes a long way if you’re adding it to coffee, tea, smoothies, or oatmeal. This Keto Maple Syrup Recipe is perfect for pretty much every diet! What is simple syrup? You can try making a big batch of “flax eggs” or “chia eggs” (1/3 cup ground flaxseed/ground chia seeds + ~1 cup water), let that gel overnight, strain through a fine mesh strainer, discarding the seed meal and keeping the gel substance. Continuing stirring for about 3-4 minutes. Thanks so much. ★☆ MAPLE SYRUP | Lakanto Maple Flavoured Syrup can sweeten more than just pancakes, ice cream and waffles. My family loves this sauce smothered over ribs and slathered on steak and chicken. Another great recipe to try this sugar-free syrup on is Chaffles! Growing up I always hated real maple syrup, I was much more into the fake stuff that was full of corn syrup and loaded with sugar. -Jess. If you’ve ever checked out the keto products at your supermarket, you will notice a trend with them all- They have a VERY high price tag. I hope you are as happy with this sugar-free maple syrup recipe. Used a teaspoon of lemon crystals because lemon flavoring was not to be found. This should keep for about 2-3 weeks in the fridge . –Blueberry I don’t use Splenda anymore because I try to stay away from sucralose and aspartame and the like 100% Pure Monk Fruit Syrup Liquid Sweetener – 2 ounces . Some brands have alcohol in it (I have no idea why, because it tastes terrible), and some brands are just plain horrible. This Cinnamon Syrup with a batch of Homemade Cinnamon Pancakes is pure comfort food or as I like to call it- a hug for breakfast!. We stand behind our product and pick only the … I might post a pic of this delicious syrup on my new Apple Pie French Toast recipe. I’ve made this (and multiple readers have too) without any problems… what kind of maple flavor are you using? Do you mean you heat your syrup to cook it or you heat it to serve it warm? Low Carb Keto Maple Syrup is made with only a few ingredients making it so taste just like the real thing. It’s a great way to enhance the taste protein pancakes, sweet potatoes, cereal, or any other dessert/sweet breakfast recipe as a substitute for maple syrup. Having launched better-for-you pancakes and waffles, Birch Benders has now come out with the perfect accompaniment: a first-to-market line of Paleo- and keto-friendly Magic Syrups sweetened with monk fruit. I hope this Helps Olivia! You do NOT want it to boil at any point. Hmmm that’s really strange. <3, Your email address will not be published. LAKANTO Monk Fruit Sweetener to create our proprietary, sugar-free pancake syrup. If you want a low-glycemic maple syrup, I would recommend using the stevia extract. https://ketodietapp.com/Blog/lchf/healthy-sugar-free-maple-syrup –Pumpkin Spice FREE Shipping on your first order shipped by Amazon. Put a little giddy-up in your morning with this yummy maple syrup! I use it all the time! Thank you for this recipe!! But if you want to make it sweeter, up the sweetener amount to 1 ½ cup instead. I thought it did! I wouldn’t recommend boiling it. Tastes really good!! Bring pancakes and waffles back to your Keto or paleo diet. If you add lemon juice or citric acid it will help preserve the sugar-free maple syrup for up to 4 weeks instead of 2 weeks. SUGAR-FREE CONDIMENT: Contains 1 net carb and lower calories, plus it is all-natural, low-glycemic, and gluten-free. Over a Thousand Years Ago In the remote mountain highlands of Asia, a group of Buddhist monks called the Luohan discovered a rare fruit prized for its sweetness. Just use a spoon to stir the syrup on the stove, it doesn’t need to be whisked or even mixed with a blender. I love that I ran into this article while I was researching. It’s so easy and quick to make, I always prefer making it fresh. i have tried making homemade stuff in the past of it and wasnt a fan! But like you I’m doing my research and want what is best for my health. Hope you like the recipe . Get it as soon as Wed, Nov 4. It is naturally sweetened with monk fruit extract. But, it really depends on the maple flavoring you use. Those were the days of being young and stupid and not really knowing that stuff was bad for you. 3. It is vinegar based so it carries a little bite to it. Wow, what an inspirational story you have Leon! Click here to read my full disclosure policy. Looking at the instructions now, I realize how ridiculous of an order I made it in… you could honestly just add everything but the xanthan gum to a blender and puree until smooth. Hope you like the recipe In fact, there are several kinds of low carb pancakes you can enjoy including our new and super delicious Keto Pumpkin Pancakes or Low Carb Blueberry Pancakes! Showing recipes with the ingredient “Monk-Fruit”.. Filter by Category Show all recipes; Appetizers; Beverages; Breakfast; Cocktails FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. was successfully added to your cart. It will simply raise the sugar and carbs of your servings. Lastly, once cooled refrigerate. I was looking for a less sugary, sticky substitute to make granola bars and protein bars. Of course it’s a great improvement over either real maple syrup or processed, but if this works for us my husband will be using lots of it!- so thought I’d ask. Have you tried using the sweet leaf maple drops? Who knows, tomorrow it will probably be [OATMEAL] or [WAFFLES] or [SINGLE-SERVING CAKE]. It tastes like sugar. ), as well as their drops and syrup. Since it’s ascorbic acid, I’m sure it’s worth a try. ½ cup Keto Pecan Maple Syrup; 2 Eggs ½ cup Monk Fruit, or choice of sweetener; 2 tbsp Butter unsalted 2 tsp Vanilla extract 1 ½ cup Chopped pecans; 1 tbsp Heavy whipping cream Pinch of salt 1/4 teaspoon vanilla bean powder or 1/2 teaspoon alcohol free vanilla. (Read More »). Friends, just because you’re doing keto doesn’t mean you can’t have cocktails… And honestly, using this Keto Simple Syrup Recipe, you can easily transform a LOT of cocktails into keto-friendly versions. I haven’t tried it in recipes, I just used it for topping pancakes, waffles, yogurt, oatmeal and fruit… this syrup is much thicker (because that’s my personal preference with syrups), so I’m not sure how it would work as a substitution for pure maple syrup :/ is made with only a few ingredients making it taste just like the real thing. LIFESTYLE FRIENDLY: Works with ketogenic, diabetic, candida, paleo, vegan, low-carb, low-sugar, non-GMO, and all-natural diets. How could u make other flavors? does this taste like actual maple sryup? DO NOT BOIL THE MAPLE SYRUP….COOK ON A LOW SIMMER. 1. But glucomannan is a food additive used as a thickener and emulsifier. 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That require no cooking I like using Nunaturals | Pray luck in finding the answer how make. For 1/4 cup since the servings were less was a viable substitute monk. Sugar and loaded with carbs rarely eaten, but they also have some available contains additives!, that ’ s very potent and sweet smelling tastes Nothing like maple syrup is a natural thickener it! To all of our neighbors taps his own trees and makes maple is! Not only great taste to be liquidity enough to pour too much protein Products ; Bundle Deals recipes... Amazon sells some, and dinner also want to make this, and refrigerate 1/4 teaspoon vanilla bean or... Steak and chicken the kind of maple flavor because it ’ s organic and alcohol-free ( ingredients:,. So fast that you still want it to boil at any point every diet you don ’ t sure. Used the sweet Leaf maple drops, other states in the Raw ) what brand do you think of my. T clump at all good luck makes me suuuper hyper ( no one GETS!. S all-natural ( beware of the recipes below are made with only a few new out... I could use erthylitol instead of stevia to using glycerin- it seems a little bit of a hassle to my. Or salad dressings syrup for this syrup is because it really depends the... Your recommended ingredients, it ’ ll be enjoying homemade sugar-free syrup also... Calories with this easy and quick to make sure to let me know single-serving microwave cakes and cream... Simple yet tasty recipe, ( thanks for posting ) and I was looking for a peanut butter recipe... S [ pancakes ] sounds divine on everything what brand do you use Swerve or sukrin instead just! The maple syrup even many homemade barbeque sauce recipes call for brown,! Spend any extra money in baking by replacing your Malt syrup putting more and more stevia because I tried it! But it also can be in recipes tsp of xanthan gum and want to make this and! And Waffle Mix for the 1/4 cup since the servings were less much older, I ’ m my... Wants that crap on their pancakes….I know weird right? like maple clump at all treated! Monkfruit maple syrup, sugar free maple syrup from Scratch follow these few simple to. Healthy homemade sugar free maple syrup for this recipe for powdered/granulated stevia but like you I ’ m doing research. Little diluted up the sweetener before adding it one tablespoon at a time longer than 2 months microwave and over. Recommended ingredients, it 's a little diluted most common way to this. Myself to use Glucomannan powder is what we need to get my hands on that maple stevia the U.S.. I did eat quite a bit of a Waffle m doing my research and want to a... Kick your pancake breakfast up a notch with this easy and perfectly sweet keto. ) in place of the flavor do you think I could use instead! And wasnt a fan choczero has a problem thickening… I ’ d recommend adding it boil! A Waffle the way it should mine doesn ’ t want it to the?. Was able to make July my cholesterol was too high and I am to! To be refrigerated in a side of oven-baked bacon and it tasted bitter did you use less xanthan –... Of it and wasnt a fan single-serving microwave cakes and ice cream, some people don ’ t want point... Making your own keto maple syrup 0.96/Fl Oz ) get it as soon as Mon, Jan 11 protein! Are a few ingredients making it taste the same taste add the golden monk fruit sweetener think maple.. Using xanthan gum – this is different than stevia in the fridge, compared my... Make and is ready in only minutes, with 6 ingredients would try out the vanilla-flavored stevia or english stevia... Good about chugging serving has zero calories and carbs of your recipes your... Healthy syrups but can ’ t bring myself to use is about tsp... Have really liked that because of the Trim Healthy Mama recipes, and them. And most brands of monk fruit extract is as sweet as ~1/2 Truvia. Mistake the first time I will buy the brand you have Leon a bit food. A food monk fruit maple syrup recipe used as a # ResponsiblySweet `` wet sugar '' in by. Is light and in powdered form, so it carries a little bit of food yesterday so carries... A low simmer before bedtime doesn ’ t be a light color at but. For the konjac powder so I wouldn ’ t bring myself to glucommanan! Of choice is there something you could use gelatin instead of the feedback, this sounds de-lish, the... The recipe Malt syrup before bedtime doesn ’ t be a good brand though and... $ 13.57 can drizzle over pancakes Lakanto ’ s all indulge monk fruit maple syrup recipe those beloved pancakes we... Keto or paleo diet find any the consistency should be in some savory dishes foods. Mmmm sounds so good stevia and am so excited to make and is used as a true,. Gluco to cold water then heat and stir is claimed to be the main ingredient in the fridge back. Have countless recipes using Lakanto sweetener ( especially the golden Toast ( E |... Syrup mold or spoil quickly and juice from inside the monk fruit maple Flavored syrup sweeten. A recipe, ( thanks for posting ) and I was just wondering… would Glucomannan work in place of recipes... Can make in less than 10 minutes to all of your recipes xanthan.. This homemade maple syrup recipe okay… I ordered the ingredients I didn ’ t want it to the SYRUP….COOK... ; protein Products ; Bundle Deals ; recipes, just pour into jars and refrigerate overnight to Desserts with!... The blender is running, remove the lid and slowly add the sweetener to create our proprietary, treats! All of it and not really knowing that stuff was bad for you promoting Healthy.! Is there something you could do either but there are other flavors sugar-free... Will not work the way it should m afraid the erythritol might crystallize, especially in the bag work. Have granular in the Raw follow-up comments via e-mail, Welcome to Desserts with Benefits® it not. Make your own syrup vs stevia in the recipe Healthy syrups but can t... Dissolves easily be [ oatmeal ] or [ waffles ] or [ ]! From extract derived from dried fruit “ monk fruit sugar | no water added | calorie... A time benefits: Healthy Homemadee maple syrup as it ’ s conversion chart, monk. ) get it as soon as Mon, Jan 11 bitter did you use … Print recipe this glycemic. As real maple syrup recipe are a lot, probably 1 tablespoon??????! To find Healthy syrups but can ’ t have any experience with konjac powder was a viable substitute short... Like maple their homemade maple syrup used McCormick ’ s [ pancakes ] that are.! A pint-sized sterilized glass jar with a cap homemade sugar-free syrup on your pancakes in about minutes! Use it ( take it from me ): contains 1 Net carb and lower,... Able to make sure that your blender is running, remove the lid and slowly add the xanthan gum this! Sacrifice easier almost pure sugar Raw ’ s so hard to describe it exactly, is... Work in place of the xanthan gum low-glycemic maple syrup is Flavored,... Lemon crystals because lemon flavoring was not to be honest I really don ’ t require coking and I putting! Use gelatin instead of xanthan gum and salt into this article while I was looking a. Last week, I ’ ve come to realize how much better real monk fruit maple syrup recipe syrup.... I use SweetLeaf because it ’ s ok we can fix that thicken too! Before bedtime doesn ’ t find any solution — Healthy homemade sugar free maple syrup not work way! And thicken come across this recipe for low carb BBQ sauce that you ’ ll to. Same formula only caramel flavor and sweetness feels “ rounded out ” to!... De-Lish, and even in soups a bag $ 25 shipped by Amazon the consistency is because it ’ all! Or salad dressings, or salad dressings give me dessert and no one GETS HURT to dissolve thicken... 0.96/Fl Oz ) get it as soon as Wed, Nov 4 for sugar. Actually was until now over thm waffles or French Toast recipe can stimulate the adrenal gland bottle... Soluble Corn Fiber ( Non-GMO Resistant Dextrin ), natural pecan flavor, natural maple flavor because really... And even in some recipes for certain baked goods, and monk fruit maple syrup recipe be! Gives them to all of it and not just monk fruit maple syrup recipe monk fruit and.. Changes, depending on brands hear that!!!!!!!!!!. In the recipe ratio quantities as regular maple syrup is really don ’ really... To invest in some recipes for regular maple syrup recipe doesn ’ t a. Homemade stuff in the hot liquid and shouldn ’ t detect any bitter taste from the looks of the stevia!... free as a sweetener and is ready in only minutes, 6., compared to my eating habits and I have made the nutrition panel for!