After applying the cement, wait 2-5 minutes before attaching the patch. Read reviews of different vinyl repair kits, and what customers are saying, Select the right brand of vinyl repair kit, and. For this reason, ensure that the product you acquire is safe to use on different types of surfaces. As useful as duct tape is, however, you’ll want to avoid using it as a long-term solution. A circular patch will minimize the chance of one of the edges getting caught and peeled off by accident. The seats that come standard on many boats are not comfortable. If you are looking for a boat vinyl cleaner that offers ultimate surface protection against fading, dying, or cracking, this product from Meguiar’s is what you need. An example is the Tear-Aid Vinyl Repair Kit. Only problem now is that I have some rips and tears in the vinyl seat. The Fortivo Vinyl Repair Kit is good for repairing “pleather” (=polyurethane leather) and leatherette. ***, Leather Repair Kit Filler Vinyl DIY Car Seat Patch Sofa Rips Holes Professional, Leather Vinyl Repair Kit Refurbishing Fix Rips Burns Sofa Holes Car Boat Seat, No Heat Leather Vinyl Repair Kit Fix Rips Burns Sofa Holes Car Boat. Leather and Vinyl Repair Kit for Couches Sofa Furniture Car or Boat Seats, Shoes Purses Jacket Leather Repair Paint Scratch Filler for Tears Holes Restore Any Material, Bonded Pleather Genuine Italian, Vinyl and Leather Repair Kit for Couches | P Leather Leather Repair Paint Gel for Sofa, Jacket, Furniture, Car Seats, Purse. These grimy sticky residuals can render the seats useless. As for tears in couches, recliners, or your car’s interior, you’ll want a vinyl repair solution that also looks good. Since 1968, West Marine has grown to over 250 local stores, with knowledgeable Associates happy to assist. They make DIY leather and vinyl repair kits, as well as kits to repair automobile accessories and gaskets. You insert a piece of base fabric underneath the surface and apply the colored adhesive. Miss January and February: Brittany P. Water Sports. I have a 1986 bowrider with vinyl seats. Utilize boat seat covers when your boat is not in use. An added advantage of this product is that it acts as a sunblock and reduces the damages from UV rays. • Pay close attention to your boat cover – it should cover all vinyl surfaces. Some companies make colored adhesive. It can be used to repair your car seats, couch, sofas, shoes, and jackets.Keep in mind that this isn’t a quick fix solution as you will definitely need to work for it pretty hard to create a nice full on professional repair. When it dries, the tear is barely noticeable. 7 Boat Vinyl Care Products Tested. Clean your boat seats often with the instructions above. Heat-cured: There is also a heat-cured solution, such as the Visabella DIY Leather and Vinyl Repair Kit. Y… This requires you to mix pigmented adhesive until you arrive at exactly the color of your upholstery. If your project is Boat Seat Repair or Boat Vinyl Repair you will be glad you tried Marine-Grade Boat Vinyl and Marine Vinyl from Veada. Large damaged areas usually require re-upholstery, but small cuts or burns in the vinyl can be repaired with a vinyl repair … This step is particularly important if your boat has an open cockpit where the vinyl is exposed to direct sun for extended periods. It is made with conveni… Transparent adhesive patches: Some companies make see-through pieces of elastomer that bind to vinyl and plastic. For this reason, the best mildew remover for boat seats is being used by boat owners in eradicating this white-colored fungus. It will tell you what combination of colors will give you the right result. You then apply heat by means of a clothes iron. You folks made the seats some time ago. 2,361 Reviews Scanned In this article, we will review 10 of the top mildew removers available today. Over time, the seats that came with your boat may tear or become otherwise damaged. Veada Marine Vinyl is UV, mildew, and sulfide-stain resistant. This is unsightly, of course, and it’s not as effective as simply repairing the vinyl. The constant exposure to the marine condition makes this type of fungus thrive in some parts of the boat particularly on the boat seats. Worked great on our vinyl boat seats. It'll help you: Choose the right type of vinyl repair kit. Vinyl cleaning products, marine vinyl repair kits, vinyl welts, and other boat seat vinyl products will keep your boat seats in excellent condition. As they say, beginning is half the battle. You’ll see that there are patches that meld with the vinyl, forming a waterproof bond that can last for years. If your upholstery gets scrapes and scratches, there are adhesives that you can apply to get it looking good as new again. After applying 3 coats of clear coat sealer the wife and friends love the restored boat seats. Besides keeping the boat cleaner it keeps sunlight from damaging the vinyl. Size and shape of a patch: One method of patching a tear or puncture in vinyl is to cut a similarly-colored patch of vinyl yourself, and then cementing it in place with a vinyl epoxy. SHOW If your vinyl cracks while you’re boating, you can use duct tape as an emergency “repair kit.”. If you have an accidental tear in your seat, you will want to repair … J-B Weld--is a maker of adhesives for a wide number of uses: brick, ceramic, cloth, concrete, glass, rubber, and wood. Once the vinyl is clean and conditioned, you can then repair any cracks in the surface of the vinyl. But a small tear can render an inflatable raft useless. Matching the color: If you want to repair upholstery, it is tricky trying to get a piece of vinyl exactly the same color as your furniture. Sometimes, all that is needed to bring them back to life is a new paint job. #4.Doctor Leather Vinyl Repair Kit. We’ve composed this buyer’s guide to help you make the right decision when selecting a vinyl repair kit. Their leather epoxy is suitable for vinyl as well. ... boat seats, car seats, sofa, office chairs, belts, handbags, shoes and more. You can recondition the vinyl and give it new life with a simple cleaning and conditioning process. One of its interesting features is the UV protection which will enhance the life of your boat vinyl and prevent any fading or cracking. You can easily compare and choose from the 10 best Vinyl Repair Kits for you. Protecting and maintaining vinyl boat seats … Solutions of this type can be heat-cured, or just simply dry upon exposure to the air. SAYOPIN Leather Repair Patch Kits for Car Seats Couches and Elbow 3 Pieces Self-Adhesive Patch for Leather and Vinyl Repair, 8× 11inch Leather Sofa Repair Kits(Beige) 4.2 … We will be continually updating this page as we launch new reviews. A tear in your tent might just let the rain in--you can live with that. Color-matched repairs: When repairing a hole or tear in upholstery, you’ll want the repair to look flawless. However, the good news is cleaning up sticky vinyl boat seats is a fairly simple job. Apply the conditioner to all exposed vinyl surfaces. No heat applied: For example, the Fortivo Leather and Vinyl Repair Kit requires that you apply a patch underneath the exposed surface of your upholstery. Or maybe you bought a used boat and the seats need some work. The Fortivo Vinyl Repair Kit is good for repairing “pleather” (=polyurethane leather) and leatherette. Use a marine vinyl conditioner and protector a couple of times a year. They make two types of patches for a number of materials. Then wait 5 more minutes for a good seal. Apply a vinyl conditioner to the repair to help prevent future cracking. 3. Vinyl boat seats take lots of abuse and eventually become old, worn and weathered. Without proper care, vinyl seats can become hard, cracked and brittle. But it is not too effective as a stain remover. They were founded by Sam and Mary Bonham in 1969, when seeking to make a new epoxy. Boats are expensive, so when the vinyl upholstery gets damaged, it is more than just a little problem. It will be fully cured in 8 hours. Good for refurbishing your upholstery: These kits are suitable not only for tears and holes in vinyl upholstery. Coconix Vinyl and Leather Repair Kit - Restorer of Your Furniture, Jacket, Sofa, Boat or Car Seat, S… One customer said that s/he had to apply three coats before getting the right shade and achieving a texture that matches the upholstery. However, if you try to repair … You insert a piece of base fabric underneath the surface and apply the colored adhesive. By Randy Vance. You also save time because you can apply Vinyl Coat on the spot. 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