GM Regular Production Option (RPO) Master List Use this information to interpret the RPO numbers on the vehicle’s Service Parts ... 06I 34857 P CCM M INTERIOR TRIM MEDICI RED (I) (97) 980622 E 6 E A 06L 34860 P CCL R SECONDARY COLOR EXTERIOR, SILVERSTONE MET (95) 930312 E E E A Classic Coat is designed to change or renew the color of Leather and Vinyl. Trim Code – Indicates (interior) trim color and material. It … All Activity; Home ; Fullsize Truck & SUV - 1999-2006 GMT800 & 2007-2013 GMT900 Platforms ; 2000-2014 Silverado & Sierra HD ; GM Trim colors(RPO Codes) 03 to 04+ model years For additional tag info including Los Angeles Build codes: See Stegmillers Cowl Tag info page. The Exterior paint code is next to it sometimes. Neutral! Nice little quick video, on how to find the interior trim code for your gm car or truck. Note that GM used two different colors for this trim code: 1) Shale "Cream" and 2) Medium Neutral "Tan". 542. Saddle. Jan 19 2013, 8:16pm. Black. Green 7. Created for painting automotive leather, vinyl and plastic, ColorBond L, V & HP Refinisher quickly penetrates upholstery surfaces to create a molecular bond that seals in color. Quick , helpful video showing the interior color differences on 1999 - 2002 gm trucks, and suvs. 1958 GM paint and trim code decoding. GM Mechanic: GM Tech (Cam), GMC Mechanic replied 8 years ago Those are RPO Codes for yours, 521 is tan interior trim and 522 is tan/neutral interior. 522. On 1964 Chevrolets, the codes are all 3 digits (including two-tone cars, which have unique 3-digit codes). If you’re an owner of a GM vehicle - and you DON’T know about RPO codes - the following information will be extremely useful to you. White 6. Corvette models made at the Bowling Green plant may appear with a Leather Color Code ending in ‘l’ rather than ‘2’ as shown in the table above. Black 4. 1955 Chevy Headliner, Bel Air 2-Door Hardtop, Beige Vinyl, Trim # 519, 520, 521, 522 × So, what’s an RPO code? Don't be discouraged. 584 . Locate Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, or Cadillac paint color codes and download GM-specific color compatibility guides and reference materials for model years 2003 to the present. This vinyl pattern is used exclusively in the following GM vehicles: Silverado, Tahoe, Suburban, Avalanche, Yukon, and Sierra. Permalink . Green 5. here's some trim codes for '01 silverado's and the colors they represent: 12v=trim combination vinyl,graphite. The shale "cream" color is used on SUV's (Tahoe/Suburban), while the medium neutral "tan" is used on pick up trucks (Avalanche/Silverado). NOTE: Exterior and interior trim combinations marked above were recommended by GM. Both are on the bottom row. On the inside, this trim also comes with a floor-mounted shifter for the transfer case, which controls whether the truck is in 2WD or 4WD, a smaller 7″ infotainment system, a rubberized vinyl floor covering, and the absence of under-seat storage in the middle front seat. Optional Bucket Seats. GM Cars Leather Seat & Interior Colors Our Genaral Motors leather dye colors are matched to the GM OEM color and bear the manufacturers color name. (O) Park/Neutral Position (PNP) or Clutch Pedal Position (CPP) circuit fault - PNP transmission MLP sensor out of range in park - … I'm curious about the original paint color "1820" that is listed on the plate on the firewall,as well as the trim color that is listed as"847". Red 3. 12c=trim combination cloth,graphite. Good day. ColorBond GM Leather, Vinyl & Hard Plastic Refinisher makes refinishing upholstery of all types easy and inexpensive. no, i was looking for a center console and the vendor said they only have the trim code and i couldnt find it online. 2006 GM Group Paint Charts and Color Codes For correct identification, please refer to the colour code listings on this site. 522. 00L : SECONDARY COLOR, EXTERIOR, PRIME 00U : PRIMARY ... 522 : TRIM COMBINATION, LEATHER, LT NEUTRAL (2) (92) 523 : TRIM COMBINATION, LEATHER, LT NEUTRAL (3) (92) Re: Trim Code. The second letter identifies the roof colour. If you are interested in finding out more about each Chevrolet model and its associated trim levels, check out the GM website, where you can “build” your own model, or you can request a brochure from Hogan Chev.’s website. Green. The interior code usually ends with an "I" and is on the bottom row of all the "GM common option codes". So anybody searching for this, there's the answer. Read the tags from left to right, top to bottom. 550. 563. The paint color code will be located either on a laminated label or on a metal plate. 52v=trim combination … TRIM NUMBER: To the right of the TR letters (short for TRIM) is the interior code. Classic Coat is designed to change or renew the color of Leather and Vinyl. Another common paint color promotional name is Green. thnaks though now i see that its not the right color! This listing is only for vehicles with trim code #522 or 52-i (Shale "Cream"). What is the trim code for my 2004 tahoe Vin 1GNEK13Z14J132000, I need a driver side power seat trim bezel. Purchase Color Bond Interior Paint for Dodge, Ford and GM options Colorbond 163 Colorbond 165 Colorbond 331 Colorbond 118 Colorbond 121 Colorbond 522 … The interior code usually ends with an "I" and is on the bottom row of all the "GM common option codes". Longitude is the current "pattern" being used by GM in all 2007+ fullsize trucks and SUV's. A free GMC VIN decoder that allows you to lookup options, model, year, engine, transmission, and specifications. Oxygen sensor preheating rear. The color formulation has been used between 1977 and 1983, primarily by Chevrolet; but also by GMC, GM, and Chrysler. Saddle. Due to the wide variety of trim colors available, and especially after 1973 in which various dashboard, rug & fabric combinations were offered…. The vehicle identification number, or VIN, is found on every car manufactured. Two-Tone Combinations - The first letter of a two-letter paint code identifies the body colour. 12d=trim combination cloth,graphite. All Morrokide-Split Bench. Also, you can check the title records and accidents by clicking Check History. Finding the matching colors to your car's interior trim is simply a matter of finding your vehicle identification number. Cosmetically, the Sierra trim has black door handles, black grille, black manual adjust mirrors and no side body moulding. GM 522 OBD Trouble Code meaning and check all GM car models for 522 obd1 code. The Exterior paint code is next to it sometimes. 563. 1965, Chevrolet, Chevelle, Name:Ermine Ivory, Code:C: Ford: GM:WA2661 Chry: PPG:8259 Dupt:4024L,93-93774 ACME:8857: RM:1199 Martin:1427 ShWil:5845 584. Neutral", what other names or color codes for t Alright, figured this out finally. Other color combinations were available via special order. 12i=interior trim,graphite. 544 . BODY COLOR: To the left of the PAINT or PNT letters are the exterior color codes. I have a 1958 Chevrolet car (made in Canada) That needs a lot of repairs. Perfect paint is SEM “Classic Coat“ Med. 2003 GM Group Paint Charts and Color Codes: For correct identification, please refer to the colour code listings on this site. - Answered by a verified GM Mechanic White 8. 12 oz Aerosol; Coverage: 10-12 Square Feet; SEM Classic Coat is a fade resistant coating that won't peel or chip. SEM 17183, Classic Coat, Medium Neutral, GM, Code WA195A. 12 oz Aerosol; Coverage: 10-12 Square Feet; SEM Classic Coat is a fade resistant coating that won't peel or chip. Finding matching colors for many items is series of trials and errors. Paint code GM WA5282 5282 U5282 L5282 - green : This green automotive paint color is most commonly known as Dark Green. Both are on the bottom row. White. GM OBD Trouble Code 522 GM Problems For OBD Code 522. Domestic Car Paint Codes. We have records of this color appearing on the model of Chevy Truck and Chrysler Special … Very nice quality paint, sprays consistent, and matches perfect. GM RPO Codes Below is a complete listing of the General Motors Regular Production Option (RPO) Codes for your viewing pleasure. Green. it’s best to select the year you wish to decode from the drop box below. 564 . Longitude Vinyl can be used on any automotive upholstery application for an updated look! 542. 584. Ask Your Own GM Question And how can it help you? If you do not know the color name, contact your GM dealer with your VIN number and the parts department should be able to provide it to you. GM Genuine parts paint Matching the exact auto paint color of your Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, Cadillac, HUMMER, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, or Saturn vehicle can be a frustrating endeavor. Use the charts below to help you find your vehicles paint color code. Don't be discouraged. This 3-digit code shows the color and style of the interior and seats. Re: 2001 Silverado trim code 52I "Lt. Norwood built cowl tag decoding. General Motors 1984 and Prior Years Buick - Cadillac - Chevrolet - Oldsmobile - Pontiac Vehicle Paint Code Locations 1 - Inner Hood Panel Surface Code. EH Trim Codes; EJ Trim Codes; HR Trim Codes; HK Trim Codes; HT Trim Codes; HG Trim Codes; HQ 1971; HQ 1972; HQ 1973; HQ 1974; HQ SS Trim Codes; HJ 1976 Trim Codes; HJ 1974-75 Trim Codes; HX Trim Codes; HZ - WB Trim Codes; LH Trim Codes; LC GTR Trim Codes; LJ GTR Tim Codes; LX Trim Codes 122=trim combination leather,graphite. The Service Parts ID Label contains VIN, option codes, paint type, paint code, convertible top code and interior trim code. SEM 17133, Classic Coat, Light Neutral, GM, Code WA9772. If you’re an owner of a GM vehicle and you already know about RPO codes - here’s a complete RPO code list.. To be completely sure you match your code to our listing, call your dealer with your VIN number and they can tell you the paint and trim codes. Jan 19 2013, 1:50am??? Two-Tone Combinations - The first letter of a two-letter paint code … Trim Code.