Roles. Walton died late Monday night. She apparently recovered, as she appears in the later reunion movies. Walton and Johnson airs on KZMZ 96.9 in Alexandria. With “great shock and sadness,” fans and listeners of the Walton & Johnson program were delivered the news of the “untimely and sudden” passing of one of the show’s hosts, John Walton… Neither John nor Olivia are really comfortable being apart from one another so Jason suggests that perhaps John could take Olivia with him on his … John Walton (1952 – 17 July 2014) was an Australian actor of stage, television, and film, best known for his role in television soap opera The Young Doctors. John Walton, one half of the Walton and Johnson radio show, has died, according to co-host Steve Johnson on Tuesday. Olivia Walton was stricken with tuberculosis and entered a sanitarium in Arizona. John Walton, left, and Steve Johnson, co-hosts of the syndicated 'Walton and Johnson' are shown in the radio show's earlier days. After that show was dropped, Walton did some A.M. radio fill-in work and eventually the two realized that it was in their best interest to get back together. HOUSTON (FOX 26) - John Walton of the Houston radio duo "Walton & Johnson" passed away at his home on Monday night, according to his on-air partner Steve Johnson. A Very Important Message From Steve Johnson About John Walton By Steve Johnson Jul 2, 2019 It is with great shock and sadness that I inform the Walton & Johnson audience of the untimely and sudden passing of John Walton. For whatever reason, they decided to put a heavy political spin on their show. Olivia is a bit concerned about her own health too. 1 Recap 2 Recurring Role 3 Guest Cast 4 Notes John Walton is working away from his family and Olivia is becoming very concerned about how the workload is affecting him and his health. John passed away last night around 11:55 PM - July 1st, 2019," his co-host, Steve Johnson, wrote in a note online Tuesday. Walton has been through a lot and I hope this illness … John Walton is the father of 7 children and the current care taker of his family's settled land "Walton's Mountain" located in the ficticious Jefferson county near the Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia. Johnson shared the news in an online message saying Walton had "numerous" medical issues and had been receiving treatment over the past month "but continued to suffer". He is a self described heathen who has no time for organized religion yet made no qualms about marrying the the prettiest girl in the Baptist choir. Walton was born in St. Ives, Sydney, Australia.