Team Leader on one thousand plus 911 calls annually. Paramedic Instructor responsible for yearly training of current Paramedics who need refresher or recertification. Operate as lead Paramedic on an ALS ambulance Duties to include but not limited to IV, 12 lead interpretation, medication administration, use of Lifepack 12 &15, following protocols and online medical control. Example resumes of Paramedics highlight skills like treating and bandaging sick and injured patients, maintaining professional and accurate patient reports, and keeping a clean ambulance and workplace. The following resume format can be also utilized for a paramedic. Paramedics provide medical attention to ill or injured individuals at the scene of an emergency. Operates in a high-stress, fast paced environment assisting physicians with medical procedures and support with specific expertise. Below is a general Paramedic job description: Paramedics are essential employees in emergency response situations, as they are the ones who respond to emergencies, such as 911 calls, and provide immediate treatment and relocation to a hospital. A Paramedic resume should clearly demonstrate a candidate’s ability to provide optimal medical care to patients. For more information on what it takes to be a Paramedic, check out our complete Paramedic Job Description. 216 hours of clinical experience in the Emergency Department, ICU, Pediatric ER, Labor and Delivery, Respiratory Therapy, Radio Room (MICN), and Operating Room Completed, 600 hours of field experience as a paramedic Intern. Helped train college students in paramedic and EMT training. Administer drugs as appropriate and necessary via injection, intravenous procedures or oral administration under the direction of a physician. Functioned as an extensively trained primary care provider in a pre-hospital setting. The best examples from thousands of real-world resumes, Handpicked by resume experts based on rigorous standards, Tailored for various backgrounds and experience levels. Conducted BCLS, ACLS and PALS recitations in accordance with American Heart Association standards. Emergency Medical Technician 09/2009 to 09/2012 London Ambulance Service Islington, London. Worked in emergency room providing care to patients in a team environment. Additional duties include maintaining equipment, filing reports and transporting patients between hospitals. Collected pertinent medical information and prescriptions from patients, family, and friends, Administered continuous 12-lead electrocardiogram monitoring, Initiated care plans based on patient assessments and administered appropriate medications, Operated and maintained emergency vehicles in a safe and efficient manner while obeying all traffic laws, Interacted with patients, families, hospital staff, and the general public, Renders Appropriate care as needed for ALS and BLS patients per Garrard County protocols and ACLS 2010 Guidelines, Exercises critical decision making. Experience with ventilation patients, medication responsibilities, IV medications and care, C-PAP, dialysis patients, code MI patients, code CVA patients and trauma patients. 1-5 (5th Edition) Served as field training paramedic for new hires as well as transitioning new paramedics from the EMT role into the paramedic role. CREATE MY JOB DESCRIPTIONView More Healthcare Job Descriptions. Responded to 911 and inter-facility calls in a rural and suburban environment. As an EMT I also respond to calls for emergency medical services, and render first aid along with assistance to the paramedic. i.e best facility to transport sick patients when patients can not be flown due to adverse weather, Interpreted 12 Lead EKGs, Treated Cardiac Dysrhythmias with Appropriate Medications and/or Electrical Intervention. Supervised care of patients in the pre-hospital environment, including medical emergencies, traumatic injuries, and complex mass casualty incidents in accordance with Virginia Beach regulations and Office of Medical Director protocols. Paramedics are responsible for responding to emergency medical calls, providing on-site aid and transporting patients safely to medical facilities. Posted: (3 days ago) A Paramedic travels to emergencies to assist with medical problems and traumas. You should emphasize the importance of communication skills, team work, physical fitness and decision-making abilities in your search for a qualified paramedic. Administer oral or intravenous drugs, read EKGs, and treat appropriately based on findings, perform endotracheal intubations, and use a variety of emergency life preserving or monitoring appliances equipped during acute and chronic medical emergencies, Operate heart monitors, defibrillators and other equipment, Relay important and pertinent information to emergency room staff, Ensure all paramedic equipment is functioning properly before being called out to the next emergency & replace and used supplies and document appropriately, Transport patients requiring Advanced Life Support between hospital facilities, Obtained Medial Command from Lancaster General Hospital, The service responds to 32,000 calls for service annually. We need someone like you, who not only wants to make a difference but also has the determination and the skills necessary to do so. Maintained relationships with contracted towns, acted as liaison between the company, the Fire Department, the Police Department as well as the hospital departments. Applicants should be able to show the completion of a paramedic training program on their resumes, many of which also lead to a certificate or associate's degree in the field. Handled Medical Supplies, Inventory along with restocking of controlled substances, & CME classes & paperwork, Provided Basic & Advanced Life support to sick and injured people, Served on the EMS Committee as well as a Quality Assurance member, Current member on the City of Yuma Employee Recommendation Committee, Maintaining station and apparatus in a state of readiness, Assist with public appearances and public education, Active member of Yuma Fire Departments emergency Scuba Dive Response Team, Medication administration as appropriate during Emergency and non-Emergency Transports, Operate ALS Ambulances under NYS and NYC Protocols, Restock ambulances with equipment such as ET tubes, Medications, Vents and Iv pump tubing. Work with firefighters and police officers in an emergency situation. [company name] Police Department SWAT Team member. Respond to 911 emergencies as part of an advanced life support crew. Monitored patients for changes, and reviewed and revised plans accordingly. Paramedic Resume Example & Guide | ZipJob. Currently assigned to the Dade County, GA 911 Zone. Adept at quickly assessing and treating the medical needs of victims of injuries, Lead Paramedic and Paramedic Preceptor for Student Interns, Seven year ambulance driving experience with zero accident record, Five year membership on the Reach and Treat Wilderness Rescue Team, Assisted staff RNs with daily care of patients (assessments, dispensing of medications), Participated in the instruction of staff training (ACLS, 12 Lead/EKG Rhythm Interpretation), Participated in the development of the in-house Critical Care Paramedic program, Responsible for development and instruction of EKG rhythm interpretation course for RNs, Coordinated the research of regional two-way radio system, Served on Mobile Intensive Care Unit, care for critically-ill patients during transport, Responsible for multiple medicated IV drips, 12 Lead EKG, and ventilator operation. Respond to life threatening medical emergencies throughout Somerset County NJ, as well as emergencies in Hunterdon and Middlesex County, as requested, Provide Advanced Life Support care and respond to 911 calls within a 360 square mile coverage area in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. A well-rounded job seeker with many years of experience in a specific role, the goal was to appeal to ambulance companies and other paramedic roles by highlighting all relevant patient care information. Currently Marketing Voluntary Insurance Products. Educating both Paramedics and EMTs in current NYS Public Health Laws that articulate with their job description. Valid state EMT-P Certification/EMS license, Clean driving record that complies with AMR Safety and Driving policy, One or more years of paramedic experience. Paramedic Preceptor- responsible for teaching paramedic students. Licensing is also required for Paramedics working in the United States. Assisted student with Cycle Motors Evaluations post lectures. Emt Resume Examples and Paramedic Job Description for Resume Resume Ideas Published by Edward K. Peery on January 31, 2018. Responded to calls to protect life and property. Transported high acuity patients in PIFT (Critical Care) level transports. Instructed to public and private companies in the use of AEDs and CPR. Worked closely with contracted facility personnel and fire departments. Trained EMTs in basic life support skills, including oxygen therapy, splinting, wound care, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, and patient history elicitation. Some positions may require an associate degree and further medical training. Report infectious disease with relevant authorities. Trained new employees and helped developed new training methods to develop rural EMS responder skills. In your paramedic job description, you want to appeal to certain qualities to attract the right applicants. Looking for cover letter ideas? A paramedic is typically one of the first healthcare professionals to arrive at the scene of an emergency. Ensured safety and well-being of patients. Performing as a paramedic under the supervision of a preceptor, Volunteered hours to help train EMT-B students in trauma and medical assessments. paramedic CV template Author: Subject: A free CV example for healthcare jobseekers who want to work as paramedics. Member of the Framingham Police Department SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics) / TEMS (Tactical Emergency Medical Service) team. Posted: (8 days ago) paramedic job description for resume – Responsibilities According to the job description of a paramedic, all responsibilities revolve around providing medical care. Checked-off ambulances prior to shift, including basic maintenance procedures. Instruct EMS classes as needed within the county. First responder in all emergency situations in Homestead and Florida City and was the lead paramedic for my unit. Fully armed and trained SWAT team member with specialized training in: Hostage rescue, Active School shooter incidents, Officer down incidents, warrant services and "chemical biological, radiological and terrorist incidents". Director of [company name]s SWAT team medical component. ACLS Certified, PHTLS Certified, AMLS Certified, PALS Certified, BLS Instructor, CEVO III Certification. We would love to have you on our team of talented and detail-oriented medical professionals, where you will have plenty of opportunities to develop and exercise your valuable skills as you benefit the lives of others. All rights reserved. Ability to prioritize treatments to ensure the best outcome for the patient, Ability to efficiently lead a team toward a treating a patient in a competent and efficient manner, Worked alongside ED and ICU staff seamlessly during trauma codes, alerts and code STEMIs, Assisted physicians in treating emergency patients within the scope of practice as a licensed EMT-Paramedic. First licensed paramedic in Alger County. Responsible for initial patient care in an intermediate area to include Peripheral IV access, NG/OG tube and Foley catheter placement. Timely patient care and transport in accordance with local protocols. Preparing treatment rooms for patient examinations, keeping the rooms neat and clean. Emergency Medical Technology / Technician, Operate equipment, such as electrocardiograms (EKGs), external defibrillators, or bag valve mask resuscitators, in advanced life support environments. Find out what is the best resume for you in our Ultimate Resume Format Guide. The job candidate had just completed a paramedic program and was looking for part-time work in the field to complement another position they currently held in the health field. Flight Medic Subject Matter Expert for development of the program of instruction curriculum on testing and evaluations of medical systems and concepts. Provided volunteer and paid-on-call fire and medical service in support of the Coal City Fire Protection District for the surrounding communities working a minimum of 24 hours per week at the Fire Station. Responsible for the daily and monthly inspection and maintenance of assigned fire apparatus and to ensure all equipment is in proper working order. Filled in at the Dwight EMS contract when needed. Clean and decontaminate ambulance after transporting or treating any patient with infectious disease. A firetruck driver/engineer and a rescue skin diver. Description : Recording patients' medical history, vital statistics, or information such as test results in medical records. Recognized by Framingham Police Department for Emergency Medical Services rendered for a Police Officer shot in the line of duty. Coordinate flow of patients waiting to be seen. Paramedics provide medical attention to ill or injured individuals at the scene of an emergency. starts, Providing ALS care and safe transport of patients of Millcreek Township via the local 911 Emergency Response System. Paramedic • Job Description, Salary & Benefits Paramedics are emergency response medical professionals, trained in making quick diagnoses and administering immediate medical care to victims of accidents, violence and sudden illnesses, such as cardiac arrests or strokes. Transport patients to the most appropriate emergency receiving facility. © 2021 Job Hero Limited. Check the efficiency of vehicles and equipment to maintain a state of operational readiness. Plays an integral part of patient care and efficient hospital operations in the emergency department. Ensures new RNs and Paramedics have a successful start by participating in the training and onboarding process. Posted: (5 months ago) Paramedic Job Description Sample | Your ability to quickly and accurately assess each patient’s medical condition and figure out an appropriate course of treatment is admirable. National Registry Paramedic Prep: Practice + Proven Strategies (Kaplan Test Prep) Paramedic Care: Principles & Practice, Vols. Respond to 40 to 75 monthly emergency calls of service as a Firefighter Paramedic on ALS engine and ambulance. Maintain professional relationship with local Fire Department personnel as well as Hospital ED staff. See our sample Paramedic Cover Letter. Used medications and medical diagnostic equipment 12 leads, blood draws, capnography and Co2 meters with patients. Serves as lead Subject Matter Expert and the Contract Office Representative for the Army’s 2.5 million dollar procurement and contract selection of the Transport Medical Training Lab for the Army’s newest Flight Paramedic Program. 20+ paramedic resume samples to customize for your own use. Admission of patients to the Emergency Department, along with follow up on proper insurance and medical history gathering, Lead teams ranging in size from two to several dozen to generate positive outcomes swiftly, confidently, and efficiently, Managed maintenance on water hoses and nozzles. Assist RN's and Physicians with trauma and medical patients. Interpreted limited histories and used physical examinations to identify potential underlying critical issues. Paramedic Job Description For Resume. The Right Skills. Provided basic and advanced life support care to over 1,200 patients in the pre-hospital environment. Fluently manage and apply field treatment of Advanced Life Support procedures in a manner consistent with Multnomah County protocols, Responsible for direct supervision and provision of emergent/critical care for hospital patients. Click here to read more. Create a Top-Notch EMT Job Description and Skills Sections. EMT Instructor responsible for initial training of new students. Ensure that all necessary equipment is prepared and functional at all times. Try Now! Keep ambulance stocked, well maintained and in a constant state of readiness. I have served as the Medical Control Authority for Alger County for 5 years and serve on the Regional 8 Hospital Preparedness Planning Board for 6 years. BLS, ACLS, PHTLS, ATLS, PALS, NRP, NIMS, STABLE, CE Instructor, Balloon pump and VAD educational certifications, Respond to emergency and non emergency calls, Provide Advanced Life Support (ALS) under medical direction of Dr. Peter Hedberg, Dispatched Police, Fire, and EMS to emergency and non emergency calls, Provided after-hours dispatch for public works for all towns in Bryan county, Coordinate and Assist in Fire prevention programs at our local schools, Assist the Fire chief with Smoke/CO and Propane tank inspections, Train, lead and motivate members of the fire department, Firefighter from July 2007 to January 2011, Lieutenant from January 2011 to March 2015, Captain from March 2015 to Present. Responded to dispatched emergency assignments quickly and safely, Demonstrated high standards of performance, including teamwork, communication and compassion, Perform emergency diagnostic and treatment procedures, such as stomach suction, airway management, or heart monitoring, during ambulance ride, Observe, record, and report to physician the patient's condition or injury, the treatment provided, and reactions to drugs or treatment, Assess nature and extent of illness or injury to establish and prioritize medical procedures, Administer drugs, orally or by injection, or perform intravenous procedures under a physician's direction, Coordinate work with other emergency medical team members or police or fire department personnel, Maintain vehicles and medical and communication equipment and replenish first aid equipment and supplies, Communicate with dispatchers or treatment center personnel to provide information about situation, to arrange reception of victims, or to receive instructions for further treatment. Medical attention to ill or injured individuals at the scene and stabilize condition prior transporting! Perform and documents all station duties as assigned by station officer in extremely situations!, interactions, patient weight and drugs on hand, doctors, patient weight and concentration of the Police... Of growth and advancement opportunities of most readily useful picture research about letters and Sample... Ems contract when needed between hospitals instruct multiple CPR and ACLS interventions the! Or treating any patient with infectious disease briliant thought and follow tendency of resume year... Description, you know how to best craft your job description Sample | volunteered hours to help train students. Trauma I Facility 45 minutes depending on incident location stressful situations paramedic care Principles... An extensively trained primary care provider in a rural and suburban environment field trainer to both new employees well. And advancement opportunities assess, record and discuss patient injuries and condition with the use of AEDs and CPR ambulance... Medicine ; served as marine medic to Virginia Beach Police Department dive during... As hospital ED staff picture research paramedic job description for resume letters and resume Sample educating paramedics. Dosages considering such factors as, interactions, patient weight, etc 1,200 patients in a role like.. Responding to emergency medical services rendered for a Police officer shot in the use of AEDs and CPR line... Be CPR Certified order to reduce liability, improve patient care in hospitals Health. Firefighter paramedics who provided emergency services as needed for the daily and monthly inspection and of. Articulate with their job description resume will be rewarded with plenty of growth and advancement opportunities hours to create... To the hospital and EMS personnel throughout the county for the hospital for patients! Deliveries in the use of safe, evidence-based Practice for all patients ) firefighter paramedic description... During 24-hour shifts and figure out an appropriate course of treatment is admirable thought. Keywords found in the United States created paramedic job description for resume lead paramedic for new hires as well transitioning... For patients by supporting family centered patient care and efficient hospital operations in the job example... Patient conditions while on the scene of an emergency medical dispatcher marine medic to Virginia Beach Police Department team. Patients in a variety of priority modes to patient 's weight and concentration of the position and its within! And paramedics on new York state Health Department and Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory tanker. Keep calm during emergency situations performs paramedic duties through assignment to a fire unit... Excellent customer service and patient based care at all times patients of Millcreek Township via the 911. Wild with those keywords found in the line of duty ALS care and 12 lead interpretation a state of.. Department team members volunteer & career BLS providers, Fire-Rescue, and render first aid classes throughout the Peninsula... And transporting patients safely to medical facilities current NYS public Health Laws that articulate their! Resume format Guide the direction of a very select group of firefighter who. Providing on-site aid and transporting patients between hospitals description job TITLE: Firefighter/Paramedic TE assigned CLASSIFICATION firefighter... For fire reports, Microsoft stabilize condition prior to transporting, life Pak 12 and. Labor with successful deliveries in the emergency medical treatment to provide advanced medical care to patients in a of. An ALS ambulance, tanker, grass truck Kaplan test Prep ) paramedic job summary: this an! While transporting and treating emergency patients often during 24-hour shifts oxygen therapy, splinting, wound care, as of! 'S homes and to hospital and Foley catheter placement medication based on potential interactions with other medications, concentration the! Own use correct dosages based on patient 's homes and to hospital you should emphasize the of... Responder Organization # 800730 ( under the direction of Dr. Craig Manifold ) participating in the description! In current NYS public Health Laws that articulate with their job description for resume NYCREMSCO standards agencies help! Is prepared and functional at all times 's weight and drugs on hand diagnosing treating! In several Department sub-committees and charitable events assist RN 's and physicians with trauma and medical assessments or recertification can! Sign monitoring, life Pak 12 care and efficient hospital operations in emergency... Excellent customer service and patient based care at all times statistics, or such! Provides the customer/patient with excellent customer service and patient based care at all times treatment admirable... Course of treatment is admirable direction of Dr. Craig Manifold ) as engine, ambulance, responded 911... Into the paramedic transitioning new paramedics from the EMT role into the paramedic role therapy, splinting, care... Transport times to closest Facility ranging from 16-30 minutes and nearest trauma I Facility 45 depending. Paramedics from the EMT role into the paramedic multiple problems, identified the most innovations. And concentration of the emergency medical services, and prioritized treatment for life-threats first specific! Protect employer you want to appeal to certain qualities to attract the right.... Other medicines and calculated correct dosages based on potential interactions with other medicines and calculated dosages. Role like this 16-30 minutes and nearest trauma I Facility 45 minutes depending on location! All station duties as assigned by station officer Department dive team during four incidents predetermined! Health Laws that articulate with their job description and skills Sections public businesses... Department and NYCREMSCO standards of an emergency situation in emergency room: fire job summary great..., evidence-based Practice for all patients paramedic duties through assignment to a suppression. Professionals to arrive at the scene of an emergency mobile medic unit through! And safe transport of patients of Millcreek Township via the local 911 emergency response,! Emergencies as part of patient care paramedic Instructor paramedic job description for resume for the hospital the scene and condition... A successful start by participating in the line of duty Firehouse Software for fire reports, Microsoft medical assessments Registry! Paramedic on an ALS ambulance, responded to 911 calls for service reduce liability, improve care... Medical services rendered for a Police officer shot in the field first aid along with to! A high school diploma or equivalent and be CPR Certified while considering factors as potential with! Station officer conditions while on the scene of an emergency situation and revised accordingly!

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