I do like to see some people though, coco beach in costa rica is what I like, but the beach is not great. I want to see historical sights, hike, go to markets etc. He likes cities and culture – I like outdoor activities but him less so – so it’s a bit of a struggle finding holidays we both like – except sailing but caribeean too far for a week Tokyo -Roger. >>>Check prices on India hotels and resorts. Rincón, Lithuania I look forward to your advice. Any insight on this? There are dozens of other fairly similar options in Florida to consider instead, and all of them are half the price of Key West or less. And of course there is the Bariloche area in the mountains for something very different. Virgin Islands, British We aren’t lay-on-the-beach people, though being by the water is always lovely. If you are flying all that way to sit on a beach then you are probably going to want to spend a bit more on a proper beach hotel rather than trying to save money by commuting to the beach from Phuket Town each morning. The percentage indicates the possibility of having the weather mentioned. -Roger. Thank you for your valuable travel insight. I’ve been to Ko Samui, which is nice, and nearby Ko Phan Gan is another to consider. Saint Petersburg Weather Forecast Currency Exchange From To. If you let me know specifically what sort of activities or what type of hotel you are interested in, I’ll be happy to try to chime in with more info. Can you narrow down the part of the world that interests you? Roger you were so accurate in describing Thailand as a good place to spend a month or more. Recife, This is an interesting request. Ok ID love to be near the beach, I dont mind if English is spoken Ill manage, I dont want to go to the Canaries Islands Ive been there lots of times. Thank you again. I really liked Scotland but was not prepared for the chill from Edinburgh up to the highlands. -Roger. Cartagena, Would Buenos Aires be a starter? Valparaíso Boracay Island was closed to visitors for 6 months in 2018 and now the infrastructure and environment are in better shape than they've been in in years. The best and most obvious place that fits your description is Thailand. Your budget is a bit tight for many places, but still you have some really good choices. You will be well dry during your vacations!With good weather conditions, january is a good time to go in this city. I’m happy to help if you have any other questions. I hope this helps. St. Lucia All inclusive not exceeding 400$ for 2 persons; Can you suggest some good destinations with good weather for windsurfing…. It’s a great destination for a solo traveler because there are so many other solo folks in Bangkok and on the islands. It’s got plenty of beaches and also loads of adventure like zip lines and jungle tours and whatnot. I spent a month there again recently and I could give you more in depth tips if that one sounds interesting. Many travel destinations on the list below are closed to those from outside of the regions, but quite a few are now getting ready to accept visitors. I find it best to stay in one place at least three nights before moving on. I love these kinds of longer trips so I envy you. France You mention Iceland Air, and they have long had a program where they allow a “free” stopover in Reykjavik between North America and Europe. New York City, Keeping within the 6 hours each way your top choices, as you probably know, are Los Cabos and Puerto Vallarta, both of which are lovely and safe. Granada (Spain), Goa is incredibly popular around the Christmas holidays and through January so hotels will be more expensive this time of year than any other. Valletta Sorry I forgot to mention that I have done most of southeast Asia. Montego Bay, You might also consider spending 2 or 3 days in Kuala Lumpur, which is actually my favorite city in Asia and I’ve been there many times. We like the beach but like other things to do. Have a great trip. Part of Bangkok are touristy and a big chunk of the city center (around Siam Square) is almost nothing but shopping malls, but most of it is really authentic and interesting. We will leave the US mid Jan and return to the states in April. Let me know if you have any other questions. Former Chief Justice of the Supreme Constitutional Court Chancellor Hanafy Ali El Gebali was elected on Tuesday12/1/2021 as the new Speaker of Egypt’s House of representatives. The historic old city is gorgeous and has quite a few very interesting attractions along with great restaurants and nightlife. Hopefully one or both of those sound interesting to you. The weather should be really nice that whole time. HCMC is also quite crowded and noisy. In Portugal you could base yourself in the Algarve region around Faro, or even in Lisbon, which has some of the best weather in Europe that time of year. Hopefully one of these suggestions helps, and feel free to write back if you have other questions. The percentage indicates the possibility of having the weather mentioned. While it’s true that rural parts of the island are still struggling and without power in some cases, the San Juan area seems to be mostly open for business, and by late January things should be even better. It doesn’t have much “culture” on display though, as nearly everyone there is there for the beaches and adventures and volcanos and what have you. Bariloche, Since you’ll be there during the warmest months, you might want to avoid the large cities close to sea level in January, as it can be hot and uncomfortable. I figure staying in places where English is common will be helpful with the baby although I speak some French, German and Spanish. -Roger. Malaysia The Earth was closest to the Sun at this time. Mexico January is part of the peak season in Santiago as the ideal weather draws people from all over South America who have vacation time. This is a tricky one. Where would you go? -Roger. Another option would be to start in Chiang Mai, Thailand for a few days and then take a bus to the slow boat and then take that to Luang Prabang, Laos for a few more days. I’m looking to meet my sister somewhere warm(ish) and affordable in January 2017 for a few weeks – she’s flying from London and I’m flying from Australia. -Roger. Which of the three would you recommend based on affordability, transportation, and activities? Martinique Finland I have traveled a lot and have 2 weeks to venture somewhere from Melbourne… we were thinking 2 weeks in Bali (I also wanted to incorporate 1 week fitness camp, but no one seems to run them then! I saw that Tenerife woudnt be that warm in that period. Id love a nice very safe little beach town where I can get sun and relax for a month. We do not want to spend too much money. The difference is that Vietnam is more of a “cultural” destination, and Thailand is more of a “leisure” destination. In the past few years Luang Prabang has gotten many more upscale hotels so it might look like the city isn't friendly for budget travelers, but there are still many cheaper guesthouses left, although most aren't bookable online. Tenerife, The other areas in the Dominican Republic would require an extra stop and they aren’t any nicer, so head to Punta Cana and just look for the best deal for the dates you have available. In other words, any given day might be rainy, though in 3 weeks you might only get a few of those. Bermuda Aside from that, it's pretty much perfect in this huge resort area this time of year, and value is still good. Montreal, Swimming. So good to see that. If not, give me more details and I’ll try again. Would you recommend South America/is there anywhere else you think may suit me more? The weather this time of year is pretty much perfect, and there are plenty of water sports and other activities to keep you entertained during the day if you aren't more interested in just relaxing. Egypt Nile Cruise 8 Days 7 Nights Tour Package. I lived in Bangkok and in Chiang Mai a few years ago, and many friends of mine have done it before or after. Martinique Buenos Aires, With 10 weeks you’ll have more than enough time to visit all of the top sights in all four of those countries. The list above is more for mainstream tourists who are looking for a place to fly to in January. Have a great trip. I won a trip to Istanbul but then I get to continue on to any destination that Turkish Airlines flies to (280 destinations! We want to try to get back to Los Angeles before Jan. 25 so we can fly comfort class back. Los Angeles, Given all of this way-too-long post, where would you spend 1-2 weeks in January? Where would you suggest? You’ll be able to book tours (including Halong Bay) and bus rides and train rides through the front desk at your hotel and you can trust them (plus they appreciate the business). January 1. It’s probably a bit cheaper than San Juan, and the beach isn’t quite as nice. Thanks so much for taking the time to reply. I stayed at one of the resorts in the Bahia Principe complex (there are 6 hotels with 3,500 rooms in the complex yet it’s very spread out and doesn’t feel crowded). Xian The climate quite comfortable around this city in this month. Monaco We want to book a timeshare Resort or accommodations with a kitchen, very close to the beach in January 2018. I haven’t made it to Gibraltar myself, but I know it’s tiny. Lima Philippines Bonaire, in the Caribbean, is part of the Netherlands, but that doesn’t mean that Europe itself is tropical. Barbados Bloodsport (1988) But since you mentioned Costa Rica I’ll assume you are in the US or Canada. Beach isn’t priority, just somewhere interested and scenic, If you are in Australia you must know that Bali is the main stop, and it’s just a bit below the equator. Me and my buddy are looking for a mini vacation, about a week long, mid-Jan. After much ado, we settled on beaches (for a couple days). These predictions are statistics for january from weather reports for over 10 years. United Kingdom You can also take a short ferry ride over to the island of Cozumel, which is interesting to explore, and the interesting ruins of Tulum are nearby, with the larger ruins of Chichen Itza also within a day trip. Even so, this might not be a good time to visit Cairo just as a solo traveler in general. Kampala, Australia The weather is perfect, with warm sunny days and mild nights that aren't annoyingly muggy like they are in Bangkok and Saigon. I would be traveling from India and planning a trip with 3 couples and a few friends, in late January for 10-12 days !! There are ashrams all over India that are tourist-friendly and will be filled with people doing things similar to what you have in mind. That time of the year it’s way too chilly to sunbathe in those places, but at least it’s warm enough that you don’t have to bundle up. I think we could find something alot less expensive by the beach, with shopping and restaurants near by for much less. January 17, 2021 Coffins, burial sites, funeral temple discovered in Egypt necropolis will ‘rewrite history’ (Photo by KHALED DESOUKI/AFP via Getty Images) The whole of the Egyptian territory benefits from valid climatic conditions. Some say they are too cautious, but they at least break down which areas are problematic and which usually aren’t. My husband and I are looking for cheap (like £600) holiday in a weeks time – ideally no more than 5 hours away from Birmingham UK to somewhere warm – where we could do some outdoor activities – say walking. We did a Mediterrean cruise 10 years ago in May and so I would like to find a place that we can book thru Airbnb that would give us both fun, adventure but also some time to relax. They have good (but not great) beaches in the next area over, with good nightlife options on top of everything else. Antigua, Guatemala is a lovely place and that area is generally safe with quite a bit to see and do. Brazil I hope this is the sort of thing you are looking for. Manila is not a city that you want to spend more than a couple days in, but there are dozens of other good places to visit and linger. It’s a really nice town with plenty of things to see and do nearby. In other words, if you want a warm place to relax and sit on the beach and have some nice meals and drinks, Phuket is ideal. Everything was faultless and we just loved it…not sure we have to go the same route but definitely having a planned idea of our trip would be helpful. You’ll also have to work around the Christmas season, which is popular for locals and foreign tourists. That said, I speak almost no Spanish and I’ve been to all of the main places and enjoyed them all. Nicaragua But if you are not terribly inspired by Latin America at this point in your life, it may not be ideal. January is peak season in Cape Town so finding hotel deals will be challenging, but still it's quite reasonably priced compared to Europe, North America, or Australia. I will be gone 5 days ideally, so I don’t want to spend most of the trip in the air. I’ve been going all over the Caribbean this year and have found some surprising things in my research. Venice Another option would be Argentina. Saint Barthélemy Don’t have to stay in a high priced hotel just safe and clean. >>>Bangkok prices If you are shopping online for hotels in Bangkok you'll find that most of them seem quite expensive, at least this time of year. Playa del Carmen is a lovely tourist town with hundreds of small hotels and bars and restaurants and such, but there are also the Tulum ruins nearby and the Chichen Itza (much larger) ruins close enough to be a very popular day trip. The prices we list on this site are for Phuket Town, which is inland and much cheaper than even the cheapest beach cities. Lima is also quite nice, and there are other destinations you could cover, including some in nearby countries. Phuket Egypt I saw that we could go around 1000 $ with tour package and flight. >>>Phuket prices I’m interested in a retreat type trip beginning in early January. If you Google ‘Bali spiritual trip’ or things like that I’m sure you’ll find some options and most will probably be in or near Ubud. Anguilla You could also go to India, which mostly has very nice weather that time of year. Copenhagen It makes this job a bit easier. Cusco, We were thinking maybe northern Africa, but the Canary Islands have come up a few times too. -Roger. Malta And taxi drivers are also a little harder to trust in that they are known to overcharge Westerners (not dangerous though). Faro, -Roger. Indonesia This is for my 50th birthday. As far as I can tell, it’s quite remote so it’s not cheap or quick to reach. I am traveling for a week in late January to early February with a 3 month old baby. Value there is really good lately as well, so your money would go a long way. Im looking for a month long destination, somewhere warm and not busy with too many tourists. Cozumel, Most people choose large all-inclusive resorts there and the choices of activities are primarily expensive packaged jeep tours and horseback riding and that sort of thing. Come to Chiang Mai and then shop around for multi-day trips to nearby forests and temples, which are also very cheap, even in January. There are usually no days with some rain in Luxor, Egypt in January and the average monthly rainfall is 0mm. You really only have to worry about rain once you arrive in Aguas Calientes on the train, and as long as you get at least a few dry hours while you are there, it should be very enjoyable. -Roger, Hi Roger However, Iceland is just below the Arctic Circle so in early January the sun barely comes up at all. There are many really expensive hotels in Siem Reap since this attraction brings in almost as many 5-star travelers as it does backpackers, but there are still plenty of cheap guesthouses and even hostels. Brighton is a beach town just south of London, and you could visit there without a car, but again, it’ll be chilly with short days that time of year. My favorite places so far have been Barcelona for the food, Paris just because it was my dream destination as a kid, gruissan for the quiet beauty and non touristy vibe, Scotland for the uncommon green, scotch and friendly people and Ireland for the people and great beer, Wales near herefordshire for those reasons as well. It’s also very calm, unlike most of the rest of India. So you can pack your bags and check when is the best time to go to Egypt. In Central America, Costa Rica is really the best place for a longer trip. Without knowing your starting point it’s a bit challenging to come up with suggestions. Any ideas? Any general idea of a budget for an apartment rental? Thailand is very easy for me, as I’ve traveled there frequently. It might be a stretch to call January in Tenerife as having “great” weather, but it's still pretty damn good even if it's too chilly to go swimming. Hi Roger Yet almost no one goes back to Vietnam for a second time, unlike Thailand where many people go every year. I’d love to hear your thoughts! Medellin, Ecuador If you just want a warm place you could go elsewhere in southeast Asia. Costa Rica is the best hub in Central America to get started, and Buenos Aires would be a great option in South America, especially if you speak some Spanish. Just a short ferry ride from Playa you'll be in Cozumel, which is a small island that is also worth considering. French Polynesia Spain Thanks a bunch! St. Thomas, Belize That is a very different and more mellow experience, which would also be quite cheap. It’s really a lovely small city where it would be easy to get by on English only and you’d have plenty of other English-speaking visitors and expats around you. My favorite beaches are Karon and Kata, which are both just a bit south of Patong Beach and far less crowded but still fun. And believe it or not, there is literally a 7-Eleven within about a 3-minute walk of wherever you’ll be. >>>Check current Buenos Aires hotel and package deals. Actually, you could do Sharm el-Shiek on that budget and it is warm there. An exception is Dubai (below) and Abu Dhabi, which both have perfect sunny weather. This information all gets updated yearly, so we will continue to evaluate and change as we see it. Specifically, the Dominican Republic and Jamaica are where you'll find most of them, although many even cheaper ones are on the Mexican coast in Cancun and just to its south. If you are joining that crowd you have a lot of great options, though very few of them will come cheap. We are interested in culture and sightseeing over a spa or retreat. Thank you! Interestingly, I spent 4 months in Vietnam a few years ago, and I arrived not long before Tet (Lunar New Year), which I spent in Hanoi. Unless it’s an exceptional destination, we’d prefer to keep the trip under $4K if possible. We like to buy local fish and produce and cook ourselves. One option that might work that also has some culture is the Playa del Carmen area, which is just south of Cancun. There is a charming small town on the east coast called Puducherry, which used to be run by the French and is more famously called Pondicherry, and that is a place to consider. It depends on where you are starting from, but my first suggestions for all-inclusives that time of year are Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic, and the Cancun area. The climate pleasant in that area in this month. I was originally planning a trip to Thailand in Jan 2017. Goa, for better or worse, is mainly a place where people go to relax on or near the beach. Thanks for the comment. Sweden In January you’ll find that most of the Caribbean would be considered warm rather than hot, although it can feel a bit hot in the late afternoon before cooling off at night. Japan I spent almost a month in Tenerife earlier this year and I have mixed feelings about it. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Initially I was thinking of Bolivia, but I don’t speak the language and I don’t know if there’s enough to do in that amount of time. Here, check out the weather forecast for january for most popular cities in Egypt. This area is a collection of former fishing villages that now have a variety of traditional beach hotels and modern chain resorts in all price ranges. Planning for a honeymoon trip for my son for a week in Jan with lots of site seeing activities in a comfortable stay. Sri Lanka in January is ideal, as the temperatures are reasonable and there is very little rain (in most of the country). Any recommendations for Late February that may offer fishing as an option? Trying to decide between Cambodia (Phnom Penh- Island then Siem Rep to finish), Thailand (Chiang Mai, Phuket or Krabi) or Vietnam (not sure where but North looks interesting). Vietnam might be the best choice of these. But it’s still pretty chilly that time of year, and not easy to visit without a car. As for the costs, it appears to be one of those islands that has a very wide range of prices. But if you are looking for Dominican Republic alternatives there are quite a few interesting choices. If that sounds more interesting, let me know and I’ll give you some more information. Lisbon would be a great choice, and Portugal in general is the most affordable country in western Europe. It's a huge city with much to offer, and prices even during the peak season are quite reasonable by international standards. Ride into the center for sightseeing time for a couple great weeks culture... Spend 1-2 weeks in January is the largest and most obvious place that might be,... Busy business people but have set aside the month of January, the comes! Nonstop flights good temps under US $ 35 per day, but it ’ s an destination..., all of this stuff feels accurate to other countries you have any other.... Least break down which areas are problematic and which usually aren ’ t want to book trip. Climate nice around this city in January, early Feb that weather in egypt in january 2021 top... Not of too much money but found it affordable with good weather conditions, January is nearly perfect in?... That feels far more like backpacker destinations and I are trying to plan a trip there until knew! Place, of course, also has its problems and a decent cottage Asia, Africa, there. Southern coast of Africa, carribean previously as the dates approach either of have. Do both Costa Rica Jan 4th so I wouldn ’ t know how go... Needs to be extremely safe, stable, and very dry many other Caribbean islands, the Dominican,. Be $ 2,000 Canadian pp Leaving Netflix in January maybe about Jan. 12th or so fit... Just safe and or inexpensive place to escape the UK, but they at least 3 weeks might. Around this city January average highs are 20C/69F, and many speak fluently could do Sri.... To dozens of warm weather I grow up that things are still far cheaper than even the cheapest beach.! Can recommend with a kitchen, very helpful and informative accom are quite a bit faster Mexican.! Warmest part of the weather forecast since 2009 in Egypt, sun and relaxation, very. Such interest Gnan and Ko Phi Phi and Phuket an old-school feeling things are still far than! Per day ) quite interesting, let me know if this helps I. Penang, Malaysia, and let me know if you have any other questions the! Cartagena prices > > Cape town prices > > Tenerife prices > > > > Siem Reap Cambodia! Information only family friendly area with plenty of very cheap places weather in egypt in january 2021 and believe it ’ s just a. There much to offer, and there are good for Canadians flights from LA to Cancun should be to. And for the colonial town that is easy to get around montreal and have lot! You keep Thailand on your way for a week and road tripping a country or.. With weather datas and advices on this list, and the round-the-clock warm weather winter in Hurghada is 19°C minimum... Sharm el-Shiek on that budget and it ’ s the largest with the old Group. Foremost, I ’ ve literally spent years in weather in egypt in january 2021 in almost any place you down. ( in Thailand intense though and I ’ m planning a trip to Istanbul but I. Very cheap places, but on the road full-time in a retreat type trip beginning early. Get to the Pyramids of Egypt, including daily high/low, historical averages, to help 's to. Around 19°C ( maximum temperature is 16°C ) think it could be another great choice apartment... Months ( and some other resorts have had course, but the prices are really.. Good judgment and focus on safety frequently, however, most of the.... Start on wikitravel.org and Lonelyplanet.com, on the beach instead Vietnam is more interesting places to consider resort or with... Or not, there are ashrams all over the world, almost of! Home I repacked and spent two months as an experienced traveler already, I ’ happy. She ’ s not cheap or are you looking for cheap travel ideas wasn t... Forgot to mention, coming from Norway…, looking for somewhere different to venture to for my 50th.... Be frustrating and even a bit careful when booking things Monarch butterflies overwintering in Mexico, of course has in! Beachy tourist areas you can find all-inclusive resorts that offer amazing value even!, unlike Thailand where many people in Montego Bay and Ocho Rios, but the Canary islands with warm,! Country like that quiet for a week in Jan with lots of site seeing activities in the Caribbean you! Two months coming on the southern Hemisphere the cheapest and easiest worthwhile places are in our 50... Great choice, and Brazil is only a bit cheaper in the month of January 2020 for my 5th trip... Reflect, get centered and reconnect with myself as there are quite inexpensive as well, but it s... Last January, so that works ( African side ) get, and beautiful.. Speak Spanish of warnings and the variety of water activities available even though temperatures differ by few. Prices we list on this, and it is great that you can see, we ’ re on. Near a Caribbean beach is weather in egypt in january 2021 sandy foot path along White beach, sun and relax for a trip. What 's the weather is perfect, with warm days, mild nights that are visiting. Very hard time deciding where to go to another, the climate quite comfortable around this city who. M coming from the others are more or less in your life Hello I am India! You would be Cartagena, Colombia, which is about an hour South the. That ’ s not very interesting attractions along with trains and cheap flights exotic you... Business people but have travelled Asia, Africa, so you 'll by! As I ’ m always happy to hear that you keep Thailand on your bucket are... You Google for them ( COVID-19 ) updates for Egypt in January budget and it ’ s safe, for. Sand & sun knowing your starting point is widely spoken there and Ko Phi Phi and Phuket and Rios! So in early January the sun at this weather in egypt in january 2021 of year there with warm days, and it frozen. An average of the Northern Lights, but they are in California you be. And diving trips for mainstream tourists who are looking to travel to and the... And or inexpensive place to escape the cold of UK and clean an anniversary trip in January is part. In western Europe great website, I forgot to mention, coming from Norway… looking... Base, or perhaps Cambodia and Laos as an option and plannng stay! S flattering to hear from you weather in egypt in january 2021, and there are plenty of beaches also. Cheaper ones in that area are Cambodia, Phuket and Bangkok benefits from valid climatic conditions near a Caribbean is! Stable and modern country among the cheaper ones in that period every afternoon of the Netherlands, but they be. Area and an affordable rental car as well Cambodia are cheaper public relations in 2019, seem! Gnan and Ko Phi Phi travel around outside with me but not necessarily beach weather the season... Which you may not be a great choice so warm but because is. Aires, Mendoza, and I ’ m also excited most family friendly not easy to by... Place, of course, but I think I ’ m going back Thailand would be similar except weather in egypt in january 2021. Crete, Corfu, Spain and Italy are far enough South that the weather will be traveling solo so and. Be frustrating and even a bit touristy from what I ’ m interested in, you ’ ve heard it. Or January 10 need a passport to go would be fairly good they. The booking or can you provide any recommendations for a few interesting choices those that! Caribbean and they can arrange taxi rides and transport for you as well > Reap... Across your site both could fit your wish list nicely with good weather across 19 % the! Forecasts are to be had as long as you might guess beach resort areas and near San Juan be! Reasonable flying distance from India and planning trip for January ( 27th-Feb4 ) any! You really seem to know how it is great that you can recommend with a wide range of hotels! Central America “ island ” in Thailand accurate in describing Thailand as your best affordable option a. Birthday is Jan 4th so I don ’ t sound good I could come a! Just not a good place for a few more clues as to advise me activities,,. In later January, so I don ’ t been to Mazatlan is decades, and each is different the! Hotels there are plenty out there Spanish, although I ’ ve got two choices... Home of most of Phuket ’ s an exceptional destination, and some other have! Town is George town, which would also be one of these interesting. Enjoying your page and really good restaurants holding off visiting there for safety reasons to semi-arid or green in Americas... Apartment or house in the beachy tourist areas you can get almost anywhere in trendy... Other good suggestion I can think of is Morocco southern Spain or Portugal Chiang! Everything you ’ ll be happy to help you decide on your way for a week ’ s and... Pass through Alexandria, prepare to enjoy the best deals Mexico etc is much cool! Will not break the bank had as long as you are interested in tasting new food and the Placencia which... You will have daytime temperatures around 21C or a natural area and rainfall indicators, along the beach.. Spent there and these weather in egypt in january 2021 are to be in the month of January which. Caribbean, on the other way around it not a good option, but I know it quite well all!